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Watch Dead Man's Burden Movie Online Streaming Free in HD

Watch Dead Man's Burden Movie Online Free in HD
Set in 1870 in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, DEAD MAN'S BURDEN is the story of Martha (Clare Bowen, ABC's Nashville) and her husband Heck (David Call, Tiny Furniture), who are struggling to make ends meet on the rural New Mexico frontier. When a mining company expresses interest in buying their land, Martha and Heck see their ticket to a better life. Their hopeful plans are soon complicated when Martha's oldest brother Wade (Barlow Jacobs, Shotgun Stories), presumed dead during the war, returns to the family homestead after learning of their father's death. A defector to the Union Army, Wade soon discovers that Martha is hiding secrets of her own. As the two siblings become reacquainted, torn between a desire to reconcile with the only family they have left and their clashing convictions, tension and suspicion continue to mount. Filmed on location in the rugged high desert of northern New Mexico, DEAD MAN'S BURDEN, shot in the style of a classic western, marks Jared Moshé's directorial debut. (c) CineDigm. Watch Dead Man's Burden Movie Without Survey HERE
Release Date Dead Man's Burden May 3, 2013 Limited
Genres Dead Man's Burden : Western,Drama


Story Line For Dead Man's Burden

Total Vote User Dead Man's Burden : Visitor
User Ranting Dead Man's Burden : 3.6
User Percentage For Dead Man's Burden : 67 %
User Count Like for Dead Man's Burden : 204
All Critics Ranting For Dead Man's Burden : 6.9
All Critics Count For Dead Man's Burden : 17
All Critics Percentage For Dead Man's Burden : 76 %

Actors For Dead Man's Burden

Clare Bowen,David Call,Barlow Jacobs,Joseph Lyle Taylor,Richard Riehle,Jerry Clarke,Adam O'Byrne,Travis Hammer,Luce Rains

Dead Man's Burden Movie Review

It's a strong debut for Moshe, who, with the exception of some of the oater dialogue, shows both a reverence for and a knowledge of the genre that's intriguing.
Bill Goodykoontz-Arizona Republic

Ponderous but lovely, simple but elegant, it should appeal to fans of Westerns.

Small in scale but with a grand visual ambition, "Dead Man's Burden" draws nourishment from its burned-out desert setting and ambling pace.
Jeannette Catsoulis-New York Times

Despite visual nods to dozens of classic Westerns, the film cannot break through with its own vision.
Miriam Bale-New York Daily News

You never get over the feeling that you're watching modern actors play frontier-drama dress-up. It's a deathblow.
David Fear-Time Out New York

A refreshing respite from filmmakers who believe the only low-budget option is to stay firmly ensconced in their own milieu.
Zachary Wigon-Village Voice

Moshé immediately establishes an unforgiving milieu for his moody, minimalist Western.
Curtis Woloschuk-Paste Magazine

The movie offers a convincing look at the sort of irreparable damage the Civil War did to families, but too often it feels like self-conscious role-play.
Robert Levin-amNewYork

Dead Man's Burden isn't [great], but it's not a bad horse opera and is unflinching in its depictions of harshness and violence.
Staci Layne Wilson-Sci-Fi Weekly

Oddly lifeless, despite the clearly devoted efforts of the cast and crew: It's admirable without being particularly engaging, so respectful of its cinematic predecessors that its own voice is strangled.
Maitland McDonagh-Film Journal International

The story is modest to the point of occasionally seeming slight, and the ending is a tad too cute in the way it circles back to the beginning, but even those flaws just make it feel more authentic. See it now, before it gets rediscovered.
Mike D'Angelo-AV Club

It's always a pleasure to encounter genre ambition contained in such a sinewy-shot, emotionally resonant, and gorgeously photographed package.
Budd Wilkins-Slant Magazine

While soaked in ambiguity, Dead Man's Burden maintains the Western requisite that bullets must find their targets.
Eric Kohn-indieWIRE

Dead Man's Burden is worth the watch for its sheer beauty, but it's also a slow burner of Western tragedy that hails many new talents to keep an eye on.
Katie Walsh-The Playlist

Though it sometimes wears its influences a tad too openly, Dead Man's Burden is still an atmospheric and emotionally satisfying indie western that could spark interest among serious fans of the genre.
John Hazelton-Screen International
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